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Custom Design

At Mondselle, we also specialize in crafting custom and personalized pieces of fine jewellery. Our Custom Design Service allows us to work one-on-one with clients form sketch to model to create bridal and engagement jewellery, repurpose family heirlooms, and bring any idea to life. We understand what it’s like to have a dream!

This is how our Custom Design Service works:

– The process begins with a meeting in which we will make hand-sketches and establish your goals and budget.
– Next, we will turn the sketch into CAD drawings and offer you 3D illustrations for approval. The CAD drawing allows us to show you a beautiful lifelike rendering of what your creation will look life.
– Once the drawings have been approved, a “wax” model will be created for you to see the design in 3d. The wax model will be an exact replica of what your piece will look like, and will essentially turn into your actual piece. This is the same wax model that is placed into a kiln for several hours until the wax is burned out, leaving a void in the plaster to melt and cast gold (or metal of your choice) into the shape of your creation.
– Once the metal is cast, we offer a fitting to confirm final approval before the stones are set.
– Finally, the stones are cast into the item and the item is sent for final polishing.

At every step of the process, we communicate with the client to keep you involved and encourage you to give us your feedback. We hope to make every customer’s dream come true!

We take two deposits during the process - an initial deposit before we start designing, and one more deposit after the design is approved and before we begin production of the jewelry pieces. Please note all our deposits are non-refundable.