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About Us


A fashion led brand, Mondselle Jewellery was founded in Toronto by Karen Pyu.

The name Mondselle is derived from the french word “mondaine” meaning a woman belonging to fashionable society. The brand offers a subtle yet sexy alchemy of style catered towards many sides of today’s modern women. With a focus on form and function, the collection uses bold architectural shapes with an edgy twist, delivering distinctive yet timeless jewellery to make women look and feel fashionable. 

The jewellery pieces can be worn alone for a subtle yet distinct look, or they can be combined together to make a statement. The pieces are versatile and transition easily from day to night for a casual or refined look.

Mondselle celebrates uniqueness, self-expression, passion, and endurance while merging innovative design with true craftsmanship. All Mondselle products are 3D modelled by the designer and handcrafted in collaboration with true artisans and specialized goldsmiths in Toronto. The products are 3D printed in wax and handcrafted from gold plated sterling silver and natural semi-precious and precious gemstones.


Karen Pyu is the creative force behind Mondselle. Born in Burma and raised in Singapore, Karen’s passion for fine art began during her childhood, and continued to grow through the years in high school at the Singapore American School. Influenced by the rich art culture of Burma and fashion-forward city of Singapore, Karen naturally took to design.

She set her sights on the fashion industry when she moved to Toronto to study Jewellery and Metalsmithing at Ontario College of Art and Design University. There she found an outlet for her creativity working with fine metals and precious stones.

Her design interests are global, reflecting the culture that she inhabits and works in: urban, culturally diverse, and infused with artistic inspiration.

Karen believes that one great accessory can complete an outfit. Jewellery is an everyday art form in her eyes and she founded Mondselle in line with this philosophy to create jewellery that will enhance the everyday lives of modern women.